In choosing a professional such as an architect, would you consider local talent? There is a general perception in regional communities that to take advantage of the ‘best’ of professionals, one must go to the city. The assumption is that if you have exceptional skills, you would certainly not remain in a regional area and would go to the city in search of fame and fortune.

This assumption however is further and further from the truth in this day and age. More and more talented professionals have left the city in search of their ‘tree change’; the quality of lifestyle being first and foremost in their minds. What has enabled this exodus from the city? Modern technology means that with a laptop and a mobile, business can be done from the beach, the mountains, or a cosy little study! Where do their clients come from? Well, many of them have done the same and are also living in regional areas, doing their business from the country! Otherwise, they are in the city, and can be provided service via today’s technology.

Consider using a local architect for your project. The use of a local architect will not necessarily mean ‘making do’ with less talent. There are a number of very talented, creative architects in the Highlands, providing top class service to their clients. Not only will you receive the best in service and quality of design, but they are also right in town for that impromptu meeting, or that quick hop out to the site to nut out a problem during construction.

Your local architect understands local issues. The architect will likely have a good relationship with the local Council through their dealings with them on a day to day basis. He or she will know the local climate well, and design with energy efficiency solutions regularly. The local architect will know the various areas of the Highlands well, and be able to assess where a proposal is an undervaluing of one area or an overcapitalization in another. Would a Sydney architect understand these issues intimately?

So where do you find your professional? Do not assume that because the professionals living in your town are somehow the second best just because they are local. They probably made the same exodus that you did. Start with your local professionals. You may be pleasantly surprised.