If you’re thinking of building, renovating or adding to a home, don’t sell yourself short. Who will assist you in bringing your dreams into reality? Don’t fall into the trap of simply engaging someone to “draw up your plans”.

Designing a building is an intricate and involved process that needs to take into account a plethora of different issues. These may include local, state and federal legislation relating to building, such as BASIX energy efficiency rating, National Construction Code (NCC) issues, Local Environmental Plan issues, bushfire regulations, local Development Control Plan issues, etc. The advice of a trained professional is invaluable throughout the building process. Architects bring as much value to a modest first home as they do to the mansion on the hill. In fact, the tighter the budget, the more valuable an architect’s expertise is.

Architects help you define what you want to build, offer options you may never have considered, and help you get the most of what is most likely your most valuable asset- your home. They don’t just design four walls and a roof- they create environments, both interiors and exteriors, spaces that are functional exciting places in which to work and live. They can also help you adapt your current home as your needs change. Architects can show you how to enlarge, update, and upgrade your current home so that you don’t have to move when your circumstances change. Often what can seem to be an impossible problem to solve can be a breeze for an architect that sees these things every day. But don’t architects design expensive buildings and additions? Quite the opposite. An architect can help you get the most from your construction dollar at a time when carrying out building work is at its most expensive. They can reduce your construction costs with innovative and economical design, while reducing your homes energy needs and considering future re-sale value through good design. They will submit your application to Council and ensure that the approvals process runs smoothly, a Godsend in the current climate of heavy paperwork and compliance requirements. Your architect looks out for you and smooths the process of building, helping you find good builders that you can trust. So make sure you consider consulting an architect for your building project- and get the most out of the process.