Project Description

This home had a central area that simply needed a tidy up, but the later additions had been very poorly designed, and really let the house down. The kitchen was separate to the living areas and pokey, and the approach to the house and entrance were a complete non-event! The solution was to add a new ‘wing’ to the house, turning its site to the approach. A lovely little stepping stone path now draws the visitor to the front door and the lovely new entry, with a verandah along the side. The laundry/ mud room sits alongside the entry, with a line of cupboards between which have sliding doors that open into both the laundry and the entry. Wet boots, coats etc can be immediately put away from either area. Three new bedrooms and a bathroom complete the new wing. Taking advantage of the need to replace the roof over the living area, a new vaulted ceiling was incorporated, which extends into the new sunny kitchen, now relocated adjacent to the dining area with views over the fabulous rural setting. A new roof over the reconstructed deck completes the transformation of this lovely rural retreat, along with the master bedroom opposite complete with renovated ensuite.