Project Description

Lynton (including the stables) is significant as one of the oldest buildings in Moss Vale, and due to its age, also within the region. It is understood that Gwen Meredith wrote ‘Blue Hills’ in the sunroom on the eastern side of the building. The works to the existing home included the demolition of the unsympathetic parts of the building constructed in more recent times. The existing family room was re-constructed, installing new windows on the north and east sides of the heritage-significant sunroom back into their original positions. The demolished area was reconstructed and extended to create a new hallway, kitchen and family room. The approach of the design was retain and re-build the infill  area in the centre of the ‘U’ shaped original part of the building with an addition to add living amenity that can be used with modern conveniences and open-planned living, while retaining and respecting the heritage parts of the building. The works to the existing stables included an extensive renovation to create a ground floor studio and first floor guest suite, with a studio room and an ensuite. The existing building was in a state of disrepair, and the original features are hidden by the unsympathetic later additions, including the stairs and deck on the front of the building. The front stair and deck have been removed, enabling the new stable doors on the front to be the more prominent feature. A new stair was added on the end of the building, which facilitates access from the house. The project has successfully restored the home and stables, enhancing and celebrating the historic features of the buildings, while subtly incorporating the conveniences of modern life.