You’ve bought a home that you like with those few things that just aren’t right. Perhaps you will be selling soon, and recognize that some renovations on the home you own could make a better return on your investment. Your renovation may be completely emotional and not at all financial, or you will be living out your days in the home and you are not concerned about how much the kids will get when they sell it after you are gone. However, if this is not the case you should keep a cool head and an impartial eye on how much renovating you will do.

It is tempting to plow ahead and spend lots of money doing everything you dream about. But is that the right approach from an investment point of view? Where should the money be spent first; where should the priorities lie? A good architect will start with your complete wish list and your budget, and work from there. More often than not, the two do not match, and some things must be adjusted.

Kitchens. When people are looking at houses to buy, there are certain rooms that will make or break the sale. An outdated kitchen with too little storage, or an inefficient work space may turn someone off an otherwise beautiful property. Have you heard of the ‘work triangle’? The triangle formed by lines drawn from the fridge to the sink to the oven should not be crossed by circulation zones, or that pot of boiling spaghetti could land in someone’s lap on its way to the sink.

Bathrooms. What do you think when you walk into a bathroom and see mouldy grout between the tiles? Yuck! A tidy bathroom renovation could make a good house into a great one. web security . Ease of cleaning is an important consideration. Those new vanities where the basin is a bowl sitting on a bench look trendy, but how easy will it be for gunk to gather along the bottom of the bowl? There are other trendy approaches that will be practical, requiring a lateral thinking solution.

Other rooms. A look around your neighbourhood and taking note of the features that sell a home will tell you whether an extra bedroom or an additional living space would be the best way to go. Your own personal requirements are a part of your choice here too, of course.

Externally. The external colour scheme of your home can also make a good home into a truly special one. Most people tend to go neutral, where a stronger statement could make all the difference.

Consult an architect. A professional can steer you in the right direction with all your renovations, helping you to spend your money wisely and to make the right decisions to enhance the value of your most important investment: your home.